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Core Forest Sites - A Network of Special Woodlands

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Core Forest Sites - A Network of Special WoodlandsThe Core Forest Sites project aims at playing a big part in future expansion of native woodlands in Scotland. Plexusmedia were commissioned to produce a high quality site for them. Featuring a variety of video clips and VR panoramas on every page it has an unique feel. The site is fully editable and has a news section to allow users to be kept up to date with the poject's progress. There is also a selection of refreshing and beautiful desktop pictures available for download.Hands-on action to help native trees is central to the project. This includes work to reduce threats from overgrazing and the spread of exotic trees, shrubs and bracken. Plans agreed with woodland owners will sustain the work in the long term, beyond the initial project in 2002-2005 and grants have assisted immediate action.

More information - Core Forest Sites


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