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Tore Art Gallery Revamp

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Tore Art Gallery RevampWe have just launched the latest iteration of the Tore Art Gallery website.

Plexus developed Tore Art Gallery's original site for Clare Blois more than 5 years ago. It's worked very well for her, and has helped to enhance the gallery's profile as one of the most popular arts destinations in the north.

However, with an ever-growing range of artists, an expanding shop, and desire to display artworks online at larger scale made practical by broadband, Clare asked us to completely redesign the site for her. The new site combines a wider size suited to larger modern screens, a clean layout to show off the artist's works, much larger versions of all artists' works themselves, an online shop, and a powerful but very easy to use custom-coded content management system so she can make changes quickly and easily and keep the site fresh, attractive and interesting for her rapidly expanding customer base.

More information - Tore Art Gallery


Can I just take the opportunity to say again how pleased we've been with the site, how well it met our rather demanding brief, and that your customer service is second-to-none as well.

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