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ScotchsnapA technically complex e-commerce site, Scotchsnap sells Scottish musical scores. Using the Sibelius Scorch plugin, visitors to the site can listen to the music whilst following a score on-screen, with the facility to change the tempo, the instrumentation and change the key of both the music and the score. A shopping cart system allows visitors to buy the scores and then print them off on their own printer once they've paid for them. The music featured on the site comes from a range of Scottish sources, traditional and modern day. Information about the composers is supplied on a profile page for each.

More information - Scotch Snap


Thank you very much indeed for all your help, patience, advice and good humour in the design and construction of our website. We are absolutely thrilled with the finished product and have been receiving some great feedback and enthused responses from friends and clients that we have sent it to over the last few days. Amongst them are one or two web designers who are particularly impressed by the quality of the site's construction. It's a brilliant tool for us to have.

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