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Cromarty Image Library - Upgrade

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Cromarty Image Library - UpgradeHere at Plexus we're not all about profit! We've created a number of community based sites over the years, and probably the most successful and satisfying of them all has been the Cromarty Image Library.

We set it up in 2003, to host pictures of the town we're based in, allowing comments to be made about the photos to build up an archive of information and anecdotes about the history of the town. We didn't realise at the time that it would take off as well as it has, or that for many people it would be the current photos they'd be interested in as much as the historical ones.

The site now has over 2,000 photos and 4,000 comments on it - not bad for a town of less than 1,000 people.

The latest upgrade of the system makes it the easiest to use yet, allowing visitors to upload their own photos, and administrators to upload video, audio and documents to go with the pictures.

We've never understood why every town doesn't have one of these - so now we want to try to make that happen. If you'd like a site like this for your community, please contact us on

More information - Cromarty Image Library


I recently contacted Plexus Media to design and build a new and modern website for the Games to replace an outdated and very non-user friendly site. This proved to be an excellent decision. Colin and Jamie at Plexus Media were extremely helpful, full of brilliant ideas and designed a site for us that we think is fantastic. Read More...

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