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Save the African Wild Dogs web site helps make a difference!

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In the rapidly disintegrating situation in Zimbabwe, wildlife conservation projects are finding their task increasingly difficult. One of Robert Mugabe's allies, Obert Mpofu, has recently 'seized' the world-renowned Hwange Wildlife Estate to be used for his own private hunting purposes. Home to about 500 'presidential' elephants, it is feared that the land will become a free-for-all for poachers and Obert Mpofu's friends. Fears are also growing that the Hwange National Park may also be 'seized' for the same purposes. It is estimated that poaching has already cost Zimbabwe more than $400-million in lost tourism revenue. In the unstable Zimbabwean political climate, and the accelerating collapse of farming, commercial poaching and the trapping of wild animals by starving villagers is decimating Zimbabwe's wildlife. The African Wild Dog, already on the brink of extinction, is one of the most vulnerable species, and Plexus were delighted to hear from Tusk Trust that Colin's Save the African Wild Dog site is helping their efforts. "We had Peter Blinston who runs our Wild Dog project in Zimbabwe over the other day who was singing your praises regarding your web site. Apparently its been quite a talking point in the 'Dog' world."

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