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Plexus Media Ltd - Terms and Conditions of Business

  1. In serving its clients, Plexus Media Ltd operates in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions of Business unless there is written agreement to the contrary:
  2. Plexus Media Ltd directors, staff, associates and consultants are under a professional obligation not to disclose to a third party any information that is confidential to the client. However, it may be appropriate from time to time for a member of Plexus Media Ltd to discuss the affairs of said client with the client's advisors, namely accountant, solicitor, bank, Local Enterprise Company or other professional advisor, and the client's acceptance of the appointment of Plexus Media Ltd will be deemed to be sufficient consent to the latter.
  3. Research, reports and tender specifications which are prepared by Plexus Media Ltd, are for the information and use of the client and Plexus Media Ltd alone and may not be disclosed to a third party without Plexus Media Ltd's prior consent.
  4. All forecasts and recommendations made by the Plexus Media Ltd are made in good faith and on the basis of information made available at the time. However, since their achievement normally depends to a significant extent on factors outwith the control of Plexus Media Ltd and their consultants, no statement is to be deemed in any circumstances to be a representation, undertaking, warranty or contractual term and no claim will lie against Plexus Media Ltd or its consultants if such statement proves to be inaccurate.
  5. In specifying or agreeing the scope of the assignment and the associated cost, it is assumed that the information which Plexus Media Ltd is provided with by the client is adequate for the purpose of the assignment, that the scope of the assignment is not materially altered during the course of its execution and that material unforeseen difficulties do not arise. Should it appear probable, Plexus Media Ltd undertakes where possible to give the client due notice of any overrun of cost before it occurs and to obtain the client's prior approval to a revised estimate.
  6. Where Plexus Media Ltd is required to work on a client's premises the client will provide sufficient services to enable the Plexus Media Ltd to carry out the terms of the commission agreed between the Plexus Media Ltd and the client, without any charge to Plexus Media Ltd.
  7. All general administrative expenses, telephone, facsimile and stationary are included within the assignment cost. Any photocopying or postage costs will be charged at cost. Travel expenses where by public transport will be charged at cost. Use of a private vehicle on client business will be charged at 40p per mile.
  8. PAYMENT TERMS. Plexus Media Ltd will issue invoices on the following basis:
    1/3 on acceptance of Plexus Media Ltd’s tender or quotation (We will begin working on the project as soon as this initial invoice is paid.), 1/3 on acceptance of Plexus Media's site design concept graphics, and 1/3rd on completion of website(s).
    NOTE: If the website design and development is complete and ready to go live, barring the delayed supply of content from the client, then the final payment will become due even though actual launch has not taken place.
  9. Where a project is completed significantly later than the agreed target date due to delays in material or information being supplied to Plexus Media Ltd or its agents by the client or their representatives, extra charges may be made by Plexus Media Ltd to the client due to inflation, increased labour charges and increased material or service costs.
  10. Where material is supplied to Plexus Media Ltd by the client or their representatives for the completion of the assignment, it is the responsibility of the client or their representatives to ensure that they have the permission of the copyright owner to use that material.
  11. Terms of payment are 28 days from date of invoice issue.
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