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Website Upgrades

As well as creating sites which are attractive, search-engine friendly and easy and quick for you to update, we also pride ourselves on building them so they have a long 'shelf life'.

The designs we create and the technologies we use mean that the 'best by' date of our sites is long and fully justifies the investment you've made. You can expect several years of effective marketing from your Plexus website before you need to consider an upgrade.

However, whether you have an older site by us or someone else, new technologies appear and evolve and your customer's expectations grow, so sooner or later every website needs to be upgraded.

Is your website getting a little . . tired? Is the branding looking a bit dated? Do you need more advanced functionality to enable better interaction with your customers? Maybe it's time you visited us to chat about how you'd like to take your site to the next level. Give us a call and we'll get the tea and buns ready . .

Why would I want to upgrade my site?

  • Modernisation - if your website is a few years old, maybe its format is no longer optimised for newer screen sizes, or for optimal viewing on iPads or smartphones.
  • Improved Editability - Our CMS (content management system) offers wonderfully easy editing of your site, letting you get the task done quickly so you can get back to running your business. If your site doesn't have a CMS, or if you're using an older version of our software, then we'd be delighted to demonstrate how a redevelopment of your site could make your day-to-day task much easier.
  • Better Findability in Search Engines - every day the net becomes more and more competitive, and it becomes harder and harder for you to stand out from your competitors. Our CMS, web programming and design are all optimised to help you achieve better site traffic, a quicker return on your website investment, and more effective promotion of your business.

Like to talk through upgrading your site? Give us a call on 01381 600818, or visit us here in Cromarty, and we'll be happy to chat through your needs and the best way to develop a truly effective website - a website that works.

Upgrade to a new, more modern 'look and feel' . .


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