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Zoodex on Ebay - Buyers Beware!

I recently bought a CD player on Ebay from Zoodex (Mopodo Ltd). BIG MISTAKE.

[ See Zoodex Negative Feedback Policy update for latest news ]

My wife's old CD player having broken, I had a good look through the offerings on Ebay, and opted to buy a new combination Roberts CD/MP3 player from Zoodex. This is the saga that ensued, how I ended up being more than £60 out of pocket, and how Zoodex added insult to injury by posting cynical and knowingly incorrect feedback about me on Ebay.

Zoodex Mopodo - cynical and dishonest Ebay feedback
Zoodex Mopodo - cynical and dishonest Ebay feedback

My positive Ebay feeback. Is Zoodex lying, then? Surely not.
My positive Ebay feeback. Is Zoodex lying, then? Surely not.

Read the full story below, and you decide. Am I the 'Bad eBayer! AVOID! Liar!' they describe, or simply someone who handed over their money in good faith, and got nothing but frustration and abuse in return?

22nd Sept. I win a Roberts CD9989 MP3/CD Player on Ebay using 'Buy Now', and pay for it by Paypal. £54.03 including delivery.
29th Sept. Robert CD player arrives but is faulty. I email Zoodex . . .

The Roberts MP3/CD player I bought has arrived today. Unfortunately it appears to be faulty. It neither plays CDs (of which I tried several), nor produces any audio when it is switched to Radio mode. I'd like to return it to you for replacement, please. Can you advise me of the address to which I should do so?

1st Oct Zoodex reply with PO Box return address.
3rd Oct. I pack up CD player in it's original box, and then in a strong, plain brown cardboard box, and dispatch it by Royal Mail to the PO Box number supplied by Zoodex. Costs me about £8 to post.
15th Oct. I email Zoodex asking about progress. No reply.
17th Oct I email Zoodex again. I'm a wee bit annoyed that I've had no response, so am a bit short . . .

I returned this item as faulty nearly two weeks ago, but have had no response to my enquiry about when I might expect a replacement. Please respond to my emails, as I am reluctant to post negative feedback.

17th Oct Zoodex reply . . .

Sincere apologies. This is to inform you that we have not received the radio as yet. We will get in touch with as soon as we receive it.

17th Oct I respond to Zoodex, asking them to update me later in the week if the CD player doesn't arrive (it being Tuesday)
19th Oct Not having heard any more, I email Zoodex again on Thursday 19th Oct.

Hi. I take it that you have still not received the returned MP3/CD Player? If you can get back to me about this, then I'll contact the Post Office and get the matter investigated.

I get no reply.

23rd Oct I try again on the 23rd. I'm getting a bit annoyed now by the lack of response . . .

I emailed again on the evening of Thursday 19th asking if you had yet received the CD player. I have had no reponse, and am not happy about this. Please tell me immediately if you have, or have not, received the faulty CD player back. If you have not received it, then it must be lost in the post and I will have to contact the Post Office to try to find out what has happened to it.

Zoodex reply same day, but with exactly the same message as I received on 17th October. This is beginning to look a little odd, and distant alarm bells are beginnng to ring. They could simply have just sent the same message to save writing a new one, but it seems a bit strange.

Sincere apologies. This is to inform you that we have not received the radio as yet. We will get in touch with as soon as we receive it.

Frustrated by these apparently automated replies, I once more email Zoodex . . .

This is exactly the same message as I received a week ago. Is this an automated system, or is there a real person there?

24th Oct Zoodex respond with the first indication that they have actually received the returned CD player by promising . . .

Please send us your invoice number and we will fix it for you.

I reply immediately with full details, though I'm again rather puzzled why they can't retrieve this information from their original dispatch note or Ebay records.
25th Oct Zoodex email me with an inexplicable request . . .

Please advise . .

I'm now getting really fed up, and the alarm bells are now pretty loud. I've had repeated unhelpful emails, before a final promise of repairs, and now this pointless message. Not surprisingly, my response is a bit terse . . .

Advise what? I've returned the CD Player. I've emailed several times asking what progress has been made and whether you have yet received the player. All I've received from you is apparently automated messages.

If you can state clearly what you want, then I will answer clearly. In the meantime I am NOT a happy customer, and have entered negative feedback in your Ebay profile.

My negative feedback for Zoodex on their Ebay profile reads:

CD Player faulty, returned. Automated 'lost in post' comms sound like a scam

27th Oct. Zoodex reply to my last email, but it seems they have now reverted to stating that they've not yet received the CD player that they have already offered to repair on the 24th (!?!). Additionally, their response is almost exactly the same as the messages sent to me on the 17th and 23rd of October. Alarm bells are now nearly deafening . . .

We have not yet received your CD player and will get in touch with you once we receive it. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused..

I am now truly fed up. All I can do is report the CD player lost in the post to the Royal Mail, and hope that I will eventually get some kind of compensation from the Post Office. Clearly I am going to get no satisfaction from Zoodex. I decide to put the whole thing down to experience. But I've learned two valuable lessons . . .

1) Never, ever, buy anything from Zoodex. They are not professional or trustworthy.
2) If returning items bought on Ebay, ALWAYS send recorded delivery. Otherwise you just have to take the seller's word for it that they never received it.

30th Oct Zoodex respond to my (justified) negative feedback on their profile . . .

Bad eBayer! AVOID! Liar! Worst experience from a powerseller! Do NOT DEAL

I was going to let this situation go. But after this nasty and unprofessional little bit of untruthful feedback from Zoodex, I decided instead to put this page together online to warn other Ebay shoppers not to trust Zoodex. My advice is  - buy elsewhere!

So, reader, you decide. Am I the 'Bad Ebayer' they depict in their vicious little bit of character assassination? Do you believe me, with an (until now) unblemished Ebay Feedback record? Or do you accept the opinion of Zoodex, who have had 65 negative feedbacks in the last month alone, and a total of 478 negative feedbacks in less than 3 years?

But while you're thinking about it, a word of advice - Zoodex really does prove the truth of the old Latin adage - Caveat Emptor.

Buyer Beware, indeed.

Follow this link to view all of Zoodex's negative feedback, and click on a few of the ID's to see how aggressively Zoodex responds to feedback comments, even from those who're only cancelling their order because Zoodex didn't have it in stock. With more than 100 ratings mutually withdrawn, it is clear that Zoodex policy is to post extremely aggressive negative feedback to impel disappointed customers to agree to mutual withdrawal to protect their own rating. Further proof that it is NOT wise to trust Zoodex.
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