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Plexus Media GDPR Compliance notification

Yup, this is yet another GDPR notification! Sorry. Hopefully you won’t be getting too many more dropping into your email box.

However, in case you haven’t heard (and we’d be most surprised if you haven’t!) the EU regulations around data processing are changing on the 25th May 2018, and whilst we assume you’re making your own adjustments to accommodate them within your own website or business, it’s important that we explain to you what we're doing to comply with these new rules.

As you know, Plexus Media has never been in the business of sending out unnecessary or unwarranted emails and we always act securely and responsibly with any personal data we may retain about you.  We only send emails that are relevant to projects that we’re currently working on or websites we’re maintaining for clients who have already given their permissions.  We also send the occasional newsletter to let you know about new solutions and technologies we’re working on or might offer, although this is fairly rare. And that is basically it.

As per the new regulations you can of course unsubscribe from, opt out of, or switch off these communications at any time should you wish to. If you’re interested in reading the detailed bumph about how we collect and process your data, you can visit our GDPR-updated Privacy Policy page on our website at: (

So, that’s it. We’re sorry about the level of boring in this email but it is important so it just had to be done!

If you'd like to know all the intricate details of our Data Protection Policy, then please check out our Privacy Policy

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Plexus Media, web designers near Inverness, have established an enviable reputation for producing clean, high quality websites which satisfy clients needs and help make their businesses more successful. With individual experience stretching back to the dawn of web design in 1995, we have an unique insight into the complex processes of 'real world' and effective site design and programming.

We're also a very approachable bunch of blokes (and a girl;), and are very happy to sit down with you, provide you with some tea and buns, and chat through exactly what you need your website to do for you.  No hard-sell! - we don't say we can do what we can't, and what we do, we do very well.

Have a look through some of our clients' sites and give us a call on 01381 600818 if you'd like to discuss your website needs.

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